How to Add Curb Appeal With a Quick and Easy Garage Door Refresh

Curb appeal is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!  Take our plain Jane beige garage door for instance.  There was nothing wrong with the garage door.  It functioned perfectly fine.  It was just the most boring thing I had ever seen in my life, and since my garage sits out in front of my house, it made my whole house look boring and sad.  There was no way I could justify replacing the whole thing with a beautiful carriage style door because let’s face it, while I may enjoy avocado toast and mimosas, I’m not that bougie (yet…).

So, what’s a gal to do with a limited budget and dreams of grandeur?  I found my solution down the road at my friendly neighborhood Home Depot.  I bought one kit of Crown MetalWorks Decorative Black Garage Hardware for around $20 and a can of Rustoleum bronze spray paint.  You can find a similar (though slightly more expensive) style to what I have from Home Depot here.  My house has a brown color scheme, and the garage door hardware kits only come in black, so I had to improvise.

Crown MetalWorks Garage Door Hardware Kit


The very nice metal handles included in the kit.

Easiest DIY project yet.  Let me tell you, total time (not including drying time for the spray paint) took about 10 minutes.  All we had to do was decide on height placement for our hardware, mark holes, measure, and mark holes on the opposite side.  Then install!  Easy peasy.

Blank Slate

I must admit, we were a little intimidated about drilling a hole in the garage door to install the hardware.  Turns out, it’s not a big deal.  The first layer of metal that you drill through is actually very thin making it very easy.  If you really don’t want to drill, I did find some magnetic ones on the Home Depot website, though I can’t attest to quality or ease of installation since they aren’t what I purchased.

Husband checking out handle placement.
Taped on handles to check evenness.
Admiring the handiwork.
Blank Canvas vs. Final Product











A little advice: use painter’s tape to hang the hardware on the garage door in order to see different configurations if you are undecided.  You will also need a drill.  I suppose you could use a screwdriver if you have Hulk strength, but I would use a drill to be on the safe side.  Other than that, everything should be included in the kit.

Our garage door has a functioning handle with a lock in the center.  I wasn’t sure how to handle this situation (haha, get it, handle it, anyway).  The handle was silver.  I could have left it and hoped it would blend in with the door.  Instead, I decided to spray paint it the same color.  I’m not sure if there is some kind of plug that you can buy if you wanted to uninstall that feature, though for security reasons I’m not sure you would want to.

I believe Home Depot also sells faux garage door windows with adhesive backing you can stick to the door for an even more authentic “carriage door” look.  I’ve also seen where people paint them on.  I chose not to do this because I didn’t feel it would fit in with the aesthetics of my neighborhood, though from what I’ve seen, it is another great and economical option.  If you do choose to paint them on, be sure to look up how to get clean lines on a textured surface.  I had some paint bleeding where I taped off the silver handle I painted.

Has anyone else tried this easy DIY?  What are some other easy and economical curb appeal DIYs?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments and feel free to ask any questions about anything I may have left out!


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