Review of Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

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I may have mentioned before that I’m a crazy cat lady.  At one point, I had 5 cats, plus a stray outside trying to move in.  But let me clarify, I did not actively seek out any of my cats, they all came to me!  My first cat (Georgie) we found literally begging for food at Pizza Hut, the second (Gabbi) was a tiny few day old emaciated kitten on the verge of death (her littermates had all already succumbed).  That was all we had for a while.  Then at our last apartment, there was a stray who moved onto our porch (Gracie).  We thought she was a kitten because she was so tiny until she had a kitten herself (Gatsby)!  When we bought our house and moved out of that apartment, I realized I couldn’t leave them behind.  So I got two for the price of one.  I was up to four.  It wasn’t as bad as it sounds though.  We moved into a large two-story house with a pet door and a large backyard.  The cats spend half their time outside.  At one point I didn’t even have a litter box in the house, they just went outside.  Everything changed when Lulu made an appearance.


I won’t inundate you with cat pics, just one, Georgie


My husband was at work and went to lunch at the nearby Dairy Queen.  When he got back to work, he heard meowing in the parking lot.  He didn’t see any cats, but he kept hearing it.  Then he realized it was coming from the hood of our car.  A little black kitten had crawled up in the engine of our car in the middle of summer.  She was wearing a collar.  He took her to get scanned for a microchip.  No luck.  We tried everything to locate an owner.  No luck.  So we ended up with cat #5.  Everything was fine for a while.  Then some kind of incident unknown to us must have occurred.  Gracie became terrified of Gabbi and Lulu.  She wouldn’t leave the guest bedroom.  Not even to use the litter box.  She was super stressed out all the time.  Long story short, she went to live with my mom and is a happy camper again.

After Gracie left, we had a problem in the guest room.  Apparently, she had been peeing under the bed because she was too scared to come out for the litter box.  I had never had an issue like this before and I was beyond disgusted.  Luckily, I saw a carpet cleaner on sale for 40% off at Target!  We had rented carpet cleaners in the past when moving in and out of apartments but never considered buying one.  I wish we had sooner though.  It is a great investment.  The cost of renting them really adds up, and then you are on a deadline to hurry and clean your carpets and get it returned to the store.  I bought the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner- FH50141.  It is amazing.  For odors and stains, I think the solution you use is a big factor.  Pre-treating with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can help, but be sure to test for colorfastness with anything you use on your carpet.  We used Hoover’s PETPLUS Cleaning Solution and it worked ok.  It was one of the more expensive of the solutions.  Honestly, I think you could have just as good of success for odors if you work baking soda into the carpet, let it sit and spray hydrogen peroxide over the baking soda.  Then let it dry and vacuum it out.  That way you can get away with using one of the less expensive solutions.  As far as stains go, I’m not sure what would be the best option.  We didn’t have a problem with too many stains, mainly odor.  I would recommend pretreating any strong odor or stain though.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner


Another great thing about this carpet cleaner is that it’s not just for carpet.  It has an attachment to use for upholstery!  Once we got the guest room straightened out, I went crazy.  I cleaned ALL my carpets and upholstered surfaces.  I consider myself a pretty clean person.  I have to vacuum and dust on a regular schedule to keep pet hair at a minimum.  We also have a small air purifier to help keep the dust and pet hair down.  I was still SHOCKED at the color of the water after cleaning the couch.  I mean how does it get that dirty???  It gets vacuumed at least once a week!  What are the cats doing when we aren’t here???  I eventually had to just stop.  As much as I wanted to incorporate cleaning the upholstery into my weekly cleaning schedule, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Also, I think it may end up wearing down the fabric on your upholstery if you do it too often because it does have a scrub brush.  Instead, I’ve decided to clean upholstery on a quarterly basis.  The price for the carpet cleaner for quarterly use vs the cost of renting one for quarterly use definitely checks out.

Overall, I give the Hoover carpet cleaner a 5/5.  It is so easy to use.  You push forward holding down a button to spray the water, then release the button and slowly drag the vacuum back towards you.  As you drag it back, it scrubs and sucks up water.  Once you have finished your room, let everything dry, then vacuum the floor with a regular vacuum.  The attachments work in the same way.  There are more expensive cleaners out there that may do a better job.  But I think for the average household, this mid-range unit is perfect.  I could not be happier with my purchase.


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